MAY-A is the solo musical project of 19-year-old Byron Bay-raised producer, singer and songwriter Maya Cumming, whose understated indie-pop evokes images of suburbia and Prolific but patient, MAY-A has so far shared a trickle of singles that have been carefully winnowed from hundreds of demos, the result of years spent crafting tracks on her own, scrupulously reworking, rewording and rearranging. Having written since the age of 12, her music achieves a delicate balancing act, a compelling, endlessly empathetic document of her adolescence as it unfolds before herself. From the sparse and haunting, vocal-led piano of ‘Fool’s Paradise’ to the pop sheen of ‘Apricots’, MAY-A’s steady output has already established her ability to work across stylistic borders, swerving from one genre to the next with seamless ease – and often occupying multiple lanes at the same time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in her influences, bridging the classic structures and earnestness of parental favourites Amy Winehouse and Bob Dylan with the post-genre sensibilities of contemporary pop iconoclast beabadoobee and the nonchalant, Gen Z cool of Clairo. Full of compositional left turns and clear-eyed observational lyricism, MAY-A’s music catches you unprepared, its jugular precision belied by her tossed-aside, quietly warm delivery, with an aptitude for elliptical storytelling that recalls the likes of Lorde and Frank Ocean. Tied together by an aesthetic centred around her experience of synesthesia, her blossoming body of work grows more cohesive with each release, her artistic vision coming into sharper and sharper focus. Charming, astute and impossibly relatable, MAY-A’s singular perspective turns moments of everyday mundanity into deeply-felt entry-points in a glimpse at some larger truth, capturing the peculiar sensations of being a young adult alive in this moment. What to expect: Indie-pop


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