Get to know YEAHYEAHCHLOE & Malara Rise!

In case you missed it, the incredible lineup of artists is just the beginning when it comes to SPRINGTIME! 

From the beautiful Surfers Paradise location to the various other free activities you can get up to on the Gold Coast, it’s going to be an epic three days that celebrates all the good vibes of Spring! 

And with Spring, comes a pop of colour from three talented artists who’ll be bringing their unique vision to SPRINGTIME with their live murals. Keep reading below and get to know more about YEAHYEAHCHLOE and the twin sister duo Malara Rise!


Born in South Korea and raised in Australia, YEAHYEAHCHLOE’s signature aesthetic explores how we are all intimately entwined with the objects around us and how it connects us all. With the use of clean lines and flat colours, it not only makes for a super-satisfying artistic process to witness, but also takes us all back to our cartoon days. Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?

Having done collaborations with Gucci, Google, Twix, Nike and various galleries around the world, YEAHYEAHCHLOE is constantly playing with the space between digital and physical, through paintings, sculptures and installations.

A few of your pieces all have food elements, how did that come to be one of your signature aesthetics?

Partly because I love food, it’s a large part of my life. But, I also have so many associations between food, memories, people and feelings. It’s this great thing that can be so personal but also so shared. Something that can be just for yourself or this thing that can connect you to friends and family, and can even span between strangers too.

What has been the coolest collaboration you’ve done so far and what is something you hope to do in the future?

This is going to sound like a ‘I love all my children the same’ kind of answer – but I don’t think I have an absolute favourite. I feel very lucky because the ones I have done tick off things on my ‘dream collab’ list in lots of different ways. In the future I would love to do more big immersive installation kind of stuff, so collaborating with people that can make that happen is high on the list.

Which artist are you most excited to see at SPRINGTIME? 

I think Matt Corby. I don’t think I ever really recovered from his cover of Damien Rice’s ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ in 2007 on Idol.

Can you give us a hint on what we can expect from your mural?

Juicy spring fun times!

What is a good time for you?

At the moment anytime I am in bed by 8:30 is a pretty good time, but apart from that I would say it probably involves friends, family and good food.


Twin sisters Stefanie and Britney are the tellers of stories. Whether that be a guiding message of the feminine nature or on their relationships with Mother Earth, together as Malara Rise, the sisters create art that promotes healing, both culturally and spiritually. 

Their creativity plays with their connections to their childhood growing up on Yuggera – Minjungbal – Nyangbul – Ugarapul land, where they use natural fibres of sand and paperpark within their art to bring forth the energy of the ancient ones.

Your name Malara Rise means People Rise, how do you want people to feel then they see your art?

We want people to feel the importance of First Nation culture and connection. We want them to feel the heart, beauty and sacredness of our people. We want them to feel that they can rise with us and us with them.

Has there been a favourite piece of art you’ve created so far that has meant a lot to you and your journey to connecting with your culture?

Yes. A three piece collection consisting of a solo piece each “Bugalah & Bugalma” and a collaborated piece “Jarung”. They were the first big pieces we both had done incorporating the natural fibres of sand, paperbark and pandanas. There are many factors that make these paintings special and mean a lot to our journey. They were a part of a project involving flying to Darwin for the Aboriginal Art Fair alongside two mentors of ours, who kindly guided us through bringing to life the three pieces.

Can you give us a hint on what we can expect from your mural?

Native plants/flower and colours you regularly see here on Kombumerri Country.

What is a good time for you both?

Having fun is about enjoying the moment and dancing to tunes that your souls sings with. Also about coming back to the heart with joy and love. – Britney 

A good time is when a song/artist that I love is playing when I walk into a cafe/shop/store. The alignment is unlike any other. A good time is also feeling my connection with nature, whether that’s the pearlescent ocean, the ancient trees, the setting sky or birds flying above. To add to that I’d also say spending time with community/mob. – Stefanie 

Feeling all artsy and cultured after getting to know YEAHYEAHCHLOE and Malara Rise? Excellent.

If you’re making your way to Surfers Paradise this 1 – 3 September 2023, it won’t be easy to miss the two beautiful murals that will be painted live throughout the three day festival! 

Watch as their artwork come to life and click below to discover more about the SPRINGTIME Arts Program!

Massive Arts Program announced for SPRINGTIME 2023!

A massive interactive art installation is set to land at Surfers Paradise for SPRINGTIME this 1 – 3 September

After dropping a huge, FREE artist lineup in April that featured the likes of Matt Corby, BENEE, Bag Raiders (DJ Set), Babe Rainbow and heaps more, we’re now also adding a one-of-a-kind Arts Program. Because you can never have too much free entertainment right?!

From Shock Therapy Arts, the brains behind the paint splattered hit ‘The Cleaners’ seen at SPRINGTIME 2022 comes Quest of Chaos. 

A totally new participatory performance installation that’s one part obstacle course, one part live action video game, and one part retro art installation, the Surfers Paradise beachfront will be transformed like you’ve never seen before!

Who would’ve thought you’d see an obstacle course at a music festival? Taking inspiration from Japanese game shows like Takeshi’s Castle, and retro video games like Super Mario, players will get to put their physical and mental skills to the test as they attempt to defeat King Chaos and his gang of interdimensional troublemakers. Who’s in?


Also joining in on the fun are artists YEAHYEAHCHLOE and Malara Rise, who’ll be adding some gorgeous Spring colours to Surfers Paradise with their live murals.

Born in Daegu, South Korea and raised in regional NSW, YEAHYEAHCHLOE’s signature 90s aesthetic has led to eye-catching works for everyone to enjoy, including the likes of Gucci, Google, Twix and Nike.


Twin sisters Britney & Stefanie Noffke of Malara Rise will also be bringing their unique artistic skills to SPRINGTIME.

Drawing inspiration from local flora and fauna and turning it into a style of comtemporary cultural storytelling, the sisters create art that conveys their connection to the Yuggera – Minjungbal – Nyanbul – Ugarapul land in which they grew up on.

If you haven’t already booked your accommodation, get in quick now before spaces run low! With just over two months to go, we can’t wait to say goodbye to winter and welcome in the warm vibes of Spring. The music is just the beginning at SPRINGTIME!

Artist lineup announced for SPRINGTIME 2023!

After bringing three incredible days of live music, art, entertainment and skateboarding to the iconic Surfers Paradise beachfront in 2022, SPRINGTIME is back to do it all again from 1-3 September 2023! And the best part? We’re still 100% FREE.

The full artist lineup has just been announced with each day’s headliner revealed below!


From soundtracking many a sweaty night on the dance floor to sing-a-longs at some of the biggest festivals in the world, Bag Raiders are bringing their iconic tunes to SPRINGTIME for free! Turning up the heat for night one, it’s going to be nothing but good vibes with Bag Raiders.


Fresh from massive performances at Coachella, Field Day and more, NZ artist BENEE will make her first appearance on the Gold Coast since selling out HOTA in early 2022. Her dreamy voices mixed with whimsical lyrical encounters is the perfect soundtrack for a Saturday night in Surfers! 


Hot off the heels of his first record in five years ‘Everything’s Fine’’ and a slew of sold-out tour dates around the globe, Matt Corby will be making his SPRINGTIME debut on Sunday evening, marking his only free show on his tour and putting a pin in those Sunday blues before the work week takes hold on Monday.

More than just the music, live art mural paintings will be back adding a pop of colour to the festival precinct. 

The newly named Vans Skate Plaza will also turn the Surfers Paradise beachfront into a pop-up skatepark, with the Vans Skate Team putting on their own show for the festival.

And in case you missed the giant slingshot on the beachfront last year, Shock Therapy Arts, the creative minds behind ‘The Cleaners’ will return with a brand new, top secret interactive performance installation as well.

Lastly, because we love nothing more than supporting local talent. SPRINGTIME is proud to be presenting the Gold Coast Music Awards again. Nominations for the awards are open now and you can also purchase a ticket to attend the ceremony, as well as an official SPRINGTIME launch party on 31 August 2023.

Spring might still be a few months away, but it’s never too early to start planning for a good time. With no tickets going on sale, you can save your coin for a Gold Coast stay instead and enjoy all that SPRINGTIME will have to offer.

Check out accommodation early and book ahead now! 

Good Times Guaranteed

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