Get SPRINGTIME ready with Dr. Martens!

Finding a perfect pair of shoes to match your festival fit is not easy, and quite an important decision! 

The last thing you want is have an uncomfortable pair of shoes stop you from racing to the front of the crowd to see Matt Corby or force you to sit down in pain when all you want to do is have a boogie to BENEE

Comfortable shoes are a must at any music festival, and SPRINGTIME’s Official Festival Sandal Dr. Martens is the perfect stylish addition to your festival fit this September. 

a group of girls dancing on the beach

More than just a stunning shoe, Dr. Martens are made for people who have their own individual style but share a united spirit in empowerment. It’s made for people who are unapologetically them and for those who possess a proud sense of self-expression, something that we hope to see flourish on the streets of Surfers Paradise during SPRINGTIME!

Whether you want to go all out with a colourful SPRINGTIME fit or just keep it super casual, the simple silhouettes of a Dr. Martens shoe will complement your individual style easily and keep you dancin’ all night long. 

Dr. Martens’ famous durability and comfort means it can embrace everything SPRINGTIME has to offer, from the streets to the beach!

In need of some style inspo or want to elevate your look for SPRINGTIME? Click below to explore sandals, boots and more in leather and vegan styles!

Good Times Guaranteed

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