good times and FREE live music
are just the beginning

The cleaners
by shock therapy productions

A living room sits in mid-air, 7 metres above the ground. It is completely white. Two cleaners in white uniforms inspect the room, taking great pains to maintain the white room’s perfect whiteness. On the ground below sits a giant slingshot. Beside the slingshot, a large collection of neon paint balloons. Let the games begin.


Fights, meltdowns, existential crisis; who knows what will unfold, how
The Cleaners will rectify the situation, and what secrets they will uncover in the process. The Cleaners is a brand-new durational performance installation by multi award winning contemporary performance makers, Shock Therapy Productions.


Watch some of Queensland’s best skateboarders try the SPRINGTIME SKATE PLAZA, with Pop Up obstacles dropped into the middle of the festival vibes from the team at Kingswood Creative. Shaped to turn some of the Gold Coast’s untapped streets spots along the esplanade into a skateable plaza surrounded by music and good times.


Australian & New Zealand skaters such as Tommy Fynn, Nixen Osborne, Mike Lawry and more will descend on “the spot” to excite your eyeballs with skateboarding wizardry and the party continues with local south east teams from PRECINCT and Brisbane’s PARLIAMENT skateshops, unleashing on custom planter boxes, ledges, kickers, china banks, slappy curbs and more.

Come see the GC strip transformed into a street skaters paradise.


Photography credit: Darren Kirby

LIVE mural

It wouldn’t be SPRINGTIME without a pop of colour! To help us bring our vision of SPRING to life are artists Dion Parker and Camille Manley. 



Keep an eye out for the live murals taking place on the streets of Surfers Paradise and witness their art come alive!  



Dion Parker is an award winning multidisciplinary visual artist based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. His work is often bright, colourful, fun and a bit cheeky with a focus on smooth organically curved lines that can be seen in his sculptures and paintings. Dion is a two time winner of Swell Sculpture festival, in 2021 and 2018. His work is held in public and private collections around Australia and also overseas. Including Hota Home of The Arts, Marts precinct and Kingaroy council. Dion has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Queensland and New South Wales since beginning his career in 2011.


camille manley

Camille Manley is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Burleigh Heads, whose work spans murals, illustration, acrylic painting and picture books. Her work often involves figures intersecting with nature, producing a celebration of colour and a daydream of place. Camille has been commissioned to paint and illustrate across the Eastern states of Australia, and her work is collected both nationally and internationally.

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